Hi there! I'm Maria, a 100% bilingual Ecuadorean portrait photographer based in Baltimore, MD. I'm a passionate mom to two young guys, married to a super handsome and incredibly intelligent french guy I met in Costa Rica and with whom I love dreaming, planning, traveling, eating and just living a full life! 

Intention & Passion are my drivers as an artist; a creative, a mentor, a dreamer and a full-time adventurer! I specialize in natural light photography. My goal is to craft a truly memorable experience for you that infuses confidence every single step of the way. In every session, I strive to create emotional imagery and connections that tell YOUR STORY. I genuinely believe that you deserve to have photos that make you feel carefree and beautiful in any season of your life!

I began photographing using a film camera 20 years ago and, if nothing else, film photography pushed me technically and taught me to be intentional; to wait for the moment, and breathe before capturing an instant in time and ultimately, creating a beautiful photograph. 

artist & adventurer.
passionate & intentional. 



in a nutshell...

I am a dreamer, a nostalgic, an adventurer and I LOVE way too deeply. I get loud when I get excited, I cry when I laugh, I laugh while I talk, and I dance in the shower to latin music. I cannot for the life of me, memorize complete lyrics to any song


There is something about the endless drive, the open windows, wind in your hair, and the music, that inspire us to dream about our future and plan our next adventure...



My dream life is an endless exploration of the world living out of cute Airbnb's or quaint boutique hotels on a beautiful tucked away beach or ok, fine...a tiny village in the South of France will do as well.



I love getting dirty and trying new things with my family, whether that means a new restaurant, cooking at home, visiting a new city, climbing a mountain, zip-lining, watching a sunrise or simply planning our next destination!



If there is one thing that truly fills my heart on any given day, it is looking through old family photographs. What I see are real moments, memories and stories retold over the years.


family memories


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Maria Ortiz Photography was born from my passion to uplift and empower other women to express their beauty and confidence at any age.  I bring a lot of heart to my work and thrive on the opportunity to create deep & meaningful connections through empathetic photography. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on emotional experiences, I aim to capture and preserve my clients' best selves, leaving a positive mark on their lives.

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