Hi there! I'm Maria, born in Ecuador, bilingual 100% and a pretty cool mom to two boys and an awesome wife to a super handsome french guy with whom I love dreaming, planning, traveling, eating and just living a full life! Sigh...

I am a very intentional and passionate artist, a creative, a dreamer and an adventurer! I specialize in natural light photography and will always chase a sunset! My goal is to craft a truly memorable experience for you and infuse you with confidence every single step of the way. In every session, I strive to create emotional imagery that tells YOUR STORY.  I genuinely believe that you deserve to have photos that make you feel carefree and beautiful in any season of your life!

I began photographing using film 18 years ago and, if nothing else, film photography  pushed me technically and taught me to be intentional; to wait for the moment; to breathe, and to truly think before capturing a instant and ultimately creating a photograph. 

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artist & adventurer.
passionate & intentional. 



dreamer & adventurer

I am a dreamer, a nostalgic, and an adventurer… I also speak too loudly when I get excited, I cry when I laugh, I laugh while I talk, and I dance in the shower to latin music. I cannot - for the life of me- memorize complete lyrics to any song - ask my high-school friends! I just sing in the car and my kids make fun of me - I'm fine with that!


Road-tripping with my family - there is something about the endless drive, the open windows, wind in your hair, and the music, that inspire us to dream about our future and plan our next adventure...



If there is one thing that truly fills my heart on any given day, it is looking through old family photographs. Whether I'm sifting through an old shoebox and holding a photo in my hand or turning the pages of an old battered album, what I see are family memories and stories retold over the years.


family memories

My dream life would be an endless exploration of the world and to live out of Airbnbs or quaint boutique hotels - preferably on a beautiful tucked-away beach or a tiny village in the South of France.



I love adventuring. I love getting dirty. I love trying new things with my family, whether that means a new restaurant, cooking at home, visiting a new city, climbing a mountain, zip-lining. watching a sunrise or simply planning our next destination!



If it's really good - luxe, I love it black! But my daily coffee fix consists of an oat milk latte (I was late to the game) freshly made in my beautiful espresso machine! In good company and with great conversation.


coffee ritual


more about me – 


creating emotive photos that make you feel,
infusing my clients with confidence, and
making the portrait experience a positive and unforgettable memory

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