I believe we are all made up of stories. I believe photographs help tell part of this story. I believe all experiences shape us. I believe that today is that “perfect” day to document this season of your life. I believe that life is made up of the most seemingly simple moments and experiences. I believe in infusing confidence. I believe you are so much stronger thank you think….and I one-hundred percent believe in the power of laughter; as much as you can, whenever you can!

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"Maria is a true artist WHO IS passionate about her work and that resonates in everything she does." 


As a  professional photographer, my greatest form of expression is printed photographs.  My goal is to create natural and authentic imagery and turn it into tangible art for you and your family to hold and cherish, because with a photograph in your hand, you  are able to relive your favorite memories.  

The photos I create for you are part of your story.  They are made to be put in frames, hung on your walls or bound in an album and preserved for years to come; they are  made to be seen.  When was the last time you printed your digital photos? Memories in a drawer are pointless.  I would be doing you a disservice to solely hand you digital files and leave it to you to create the final heirloom product.

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